"We are Europe" 2017

[Publication Date: May 2017]

The BrennerLEC project has participated with a stand to the initiative of the Autonomous Province of Trento “Siamo Europa” (“We Are Europe”), that took place in Trento at Fiera Square on May 12th-13th-14th 2017.

The event was organized with the purpose to stimulate the feeling of being European among citizens and underline the activities that have been possible in different sectors thanks to the available European funding. For the BrennerLEC project, the event has been the occasion to give visibility to the LIFE programme, that on May 2017 has celebrated its 25th anniversary.  

The event has represented an important occasion for sharing with common people the different pilot measures foreseen in the project, explaining the reasons beyond them and the proposed solutions. This kind of involvement of final users in the project is very important, since many of them are used to travel more or less frequently through the highway and the observance of the dynamic limitations introduced is a key aspect for the achievement of the ambitious project’s objectives. This kind of informative and awareness-raising activities has been moreover amplified by a presentation session with public discussion about the project.

For more information on the event (in Italian only): https://siamoeuropa.provincia.tn.it

For more information on the 25th Anniversary of the LIFE Programme: http://life-25.eu/ 

Presentation (in Italian only)