From 130 km/h

to 100 km/h

means 39% less nitrogen oxides, 22% less CO2 and at the same time relevant fuel savings
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Less emissions

better air quality

... and at the same time a "win-win" situation for everybody!
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BrennerLEC is the contraction of Brenner Lower Emissions Corridor. BrennerLEC aims at making traffic along the Brenner axis more respectful of the local population's health and more compatible with the geographical features of the land, in order to protect the particular Alpine environment crossed.

The Project

It is a demonstrative and innovative project aiming at defining how, where and when speed limits and other traffic management measures can be applied to achieve the maximum environmental and transport benefit...



The BrennerLEC project is carried out in the context of a sensible area like the Alps with the objective of creating a holistic concept of 'Lower Emission Corridor' (LEC) for the A22 highway...



How much time do I waste by observing the speed limits? In case of heavy traffic, speed reduction allows to reduce queues and therefore it tends to reduce travel time rather than increasing it...