The project

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BrennerLEC is the contraction of Brenner Lower Emissions Corridor. BrennerLEC aims at making traffic along the Brenner axis more respectful of the local population’s health and more compatible with the geographical features of the land, in order to protect the particular Alpine environment crossed.

It is a demonstrative and innovative project aiming at defining how, where and when speed limits and other traffic management measures can be applied to achieve the maximum environmental and transport benefit with the minimum inconvenience for road users.

The three pillars of the projects are:

1. dynamic speed limits management;

2. dynamic lane usage;

3. “intelligent” on-road information.

The efficiency of these measures will be evaluated in terms of environmental impact reduction as well as their socio-economic impact and in traffic fluency terms.

The project was approved by the European Commission on March 18th 2016, started in September 2016 and will end in April 2021. The overall project budget amounts to 4 million euros and is co-financed by the EU funds of the LIFE Programme (Environment) for a total amount of 1.9 million euros.