The project

The BrennerLEC project was carried out in the context of a sensible area like the Alps with the objective of creating a holistic concept of “Lower Emission Corridor” (LEC) for the A22 highway. The project aimed to implement and validate a set of different dynamic policies that have the goal to provide a clear environmental benefit in terms of air quality, climate protection and noise abatement.

The reduction of polluting emissions was pursued by means of the following strategies:

  1. Traffic flow management during heavy traffic situations by combining dynamic speed limit reduction and dynamic lane activation strategies.
  2. Dynamic management of the maximum speed limits allowed according to air quality.
  3. Traffic flow management near the biggest urban areas by means of “intelligent” onroad information.

BrennerLEC aimed at being a “win-win” project as it follows environmental objectives (better air quality and reduction of greenhouse gases and noise) by trying at the same time to achieve a more efficient transport system (more transport capacity and safety).