The results

The project successfully implemented and tested all the proposed dynamic traffic management measures, and was able to scientifically and analytically verify the benefits obtained in environmental and traffic terms, which can be summarized as follows:

Under free-flow conditions:
- Approximately 10% reduction in roadside NO2 concentrations with an average speed reduction of 14 km/h
- Reduction of approx. 8% in CO2 emissions and 16% in NO2 emissions in the case of higher traffic volumes leading to increased driving conditioning

In highly congested traffic conditions:
- Approximately 10% reduction in travel time with similar traffic volumes and reduction of congestion situations
- Significant improvement in traffic safety conditions (near-zero accident rate with active dynamic speed limits).

For a more detailed discussion of the results obtained and the outputs produced, please refer to these publications:

Project Report by Autostrade del Brennero (in Italian)
Layman’s Report (short summary)
Final Report (more detailed report, in English)