MONZA 2017

[Publication Date: July 2017]

In the scope of the celebrations of the 25° anniversary of the LIFE programme, the BrennerLEC project has been invited to a workshop organized by the LIFE “MONZA” (Method_ologies fOr Noise low emission Zones introduction And management_) project. MONZA is a project that aims to define a methodology for the management of “Noise Low Emission Zone”. Such methodology will be empirically piloted in the city of Monza.

The workshop, held on July 11th 2017, has been the occasion to share the experiences of eight Italian LIFE projects that deal with noise pollution and foster cooperation and synergies among them.

In the scope of the workshop the project partner Provincial Agency for the Protection of the Environment of Bolzano has given a presentation of BrennerLEC. The talk has given an introduction of the project, presenting the modalities with which the externalities on noise, even if of secondary importance for the project, are targeted.

Following projects were present together with MONZA and BrennerLEC:

LIFE DYNAMAP, a project coordinated by ANAS that aims to develop a real-time acoustic mapping system;

LIFE NEREIDE, a project coordinated by the University of Pisa that aims to test new road pavements in order to reduce the noise produced by vehicles;

LIFE QUADAMAP, a concluded project by the University of Florence that has defined a methodology for the selection, analysis and management of Quiet Urban Areas;

LIFE HUSH, a concluded project by the Municipality of Florence that has suggested guidelines in order to harmonize the national laws in the field of noise management;

LIFE NADIA, a concluded project by the Province of Genoa that has carried out a communication campaign in relation to the actions of acoustic renovation of transport infrastructures;

LIFE GIOCONDA, a concluded project by the Institute of clinical physiology (IFC) of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), that has developed an awareness-raising campaign targeted to young people on different environmental. A decision support platform for local administrators and citizens on health and environment has also been developed.

BrennerLEC presentation (in Italian)

Workshop Flyer (in Italian)

Workshop presentations (in Italian)