KTE EnvHealth Event

[Publication Date: October 2017]

On October 25th – 28th 2017 the first edition of the “Pisa Innova Salute” Festival has taken place in Pisa. Numerous Italian experts in the field of public health with a specific focus on air pollution have attended the event.

In the scope of the conference, the LIFE KTE EnvHealth network (Knowledge Transfer and Exchange in Environment and Health) has organized a workshop day aiming at fostering the networking between different LIFE projects that were already members of the network and those projects, such as BrennerLEC, who hasreceived an invitation to participate. The project has been presented by UNITN, who has the task within the project to study the impacts on human health caused by the air pollution produced by the highway traffic. In occasion of the event the project has confirmed its willingness to participate to the activities of the network.

The LIFE KTE EnvHealth network was created in Florence on April 16th 2016 in occasion of the National Thematic MeetingParticipation, risk perception, best practice and know-how transfer in the field of environment and health”. The network includes EU-LIFE projects working on the theme of environment and health and was founded with the aim of discussing and sharing the methodologies and experiences developed during each project, in order to contribute to public decisions on this theme by providing scientific support and evidences. The knowledge transfer between scientists, industry, public authorities and citizens aims at favouring the adoption of preventive measures and helping decision-making processes in public health.

In addition to BrennerLEC, the KTE EnvHealth LIFE network currently includes the following EU-LIFE projects:

GIOCONDA (LIFE13ENV/IT/000225), I GIOvani CONtano nelle Decisioni su Ambiente e Salute

MAPEC (LIFE12 ENV/IT/000614), Monitoring air pollution effects on children for supporting Public Health Policy

PERSUADED (LIFE13 ENV/IT/000482), Phthalates and bisphenol A biomonitoring in Italian mother-child pairs: link between exposure and juvenile diseases

HIA21 (LIFE10 ENV/IT/000331), Participatory evaluation of the health, environmental and socioeconomic impact of urban waste treatment

MED HISS (LIFE12 ENV/IT/000834), Mediterranean Health Interview Surveys Studies: long term exposure to air pollution and health surveillance

AIS (LIFE13 ENV/IT/001107), Aerobiological Information Systems and allergic respiratory disease management

CROME (LIFE12 ENV/GR/001040), Cross-Mediterranean Environment and Health Network

GHOST (LIFE12 NAT/IT/000556), Techniques to reduce the impacts of ghost fishing gears and to improve biodiversity in north Adriatic coastal areas

MERMAIDS (LIFE13 ENV/IT/001069), Mitigation of microplastics impact caused by textile washing processes

The EU-LIFE projects who are interested to participate to the network are invited to contact mrs. Liliana Cori (liliana.cori@ifc.cnr.it), the coordinator of the network and project manager of the EU-LIFE GIOCONDA project.

Programme of the event (in Italian)

Presentation (in Italian)