Pilot activities

The project aims to implement and validate a set of different dynamic policies that have the goal to provide a clear environmental benefit in terms of air quality, climate protection and noise abatement, covering:

dynamic road capacity management (BLEC-ENV), which aims to reduce speed limits in correspondence of intense traffic flows and temporarily introduce an additional third lane during nearly saturated traffic conditions;

dynamic speed limits management (BLEC-AQ), to be applied to light vehicles as a function of the current and predicted air quality conditions;

dynamic integrated traffic management (BLEC-LEZ), which aims to improve the coordination in the management of travel information channels in correspondence of urban areas so to guide road users on recommended routes.

The pilot demonstration is going to be carried out on an extensive pilot test area of the A22 highway. The project aims to give a significant contribution to the development of the environmental policies, even through the operational modalities with which these measures are going to be introduced.