Test phases

The project started in September 2016 and will end in April 2021. The infrastructures and the devices needed to carry out the experimentations and to monitor the effects have been prepared during the first months.

The first tests started at the beginning of 2017 on reduced motorway stretches. Month after month these experimentations have been more frequent in order to be able to collect all necessary amount of information to successfully plan the following phases. The first test phase has concluded on April 2018. More details on the first results obtained are available here.

Starting from May 2018 tests have been continued with different modalities, on the base of the indications collected in the first test phase. This test phase has been characterized by two main facts: (i) the use of the suggestion speed indication for the dynamic speed limit application for environmental purposes and (ii) the introduction of a semi-automatic decision support system to manage for the dynamic speed limit application in case of heavy traffic conditions. More details on the results obtained in the second phase are available here.

Starting from December 2019 all measures are applied on all experimental sections. In this phase all methodologies and modalities of application of the dynamic measures will be fine-tuned in order to optimize the effects.

The aim is to have, by the first months in 2021, an active, tested and optimized system that can be also exploited in other stretches of the Alpine corridor, in particular along the A22 motorway stretch Brenner – Verona.