1. competition APP

Due to the emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the BrennerLEC prize competition has been suspended. As a result, the deadline will be postponed until a date to be set. 
  • What is the purpose of the competition?

    The aim of the competition is to raise awareness among motorway users through a game with prizes to respect the dynamic speed limits on the motorway, tested in the framework of the EU BrennerLEC project.


  • How does the competition work?

    The competition is based on an APP that, thanks to the GPS receiver in its smartphone, is able to calculate the average speed of travel in the pilot highway section. If there is a dynamic speed limit, the user can accumulate or lose points, depending on his speed of travel. At the end of the competition, based on the total score obtained, it is possible to take part in a final lottery and win one of the prizes.
  • How can I participate to the competition?

    There are two steps you can take to enter the competition. First, you need to install the Shelly APP from Apple or Android stores.

    APP for Apple devices: https://apps.apple.com/it/app/shelly/id1036131236

    APP for Android devices: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.topevolutions.shelly&hl=it

    Once the APP is installed, the points are already automatically accumulated in the event of transit on the motorway in the presence of dynamic speed limits. For a correct functioning, it is recommended to have the APP active and to enable the GPS.

    Secondly, you must make a registration, which can be done by accessing the appropriate BrennerLEC card in the wallet of the APP (see screenshots below).

    Points are only awarded to the user once he/she has registered for the contest. During registration, the user will have to provide some personal data, including:

    - Name 

    - Last name

    - Telephone number / email address

    - Residence 

    The phone number / email address is required to contact the user in case he/she won the prize. The residence is requested because the assignment of prizes is differentiated according to the origin of the users (Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Autonomous Province of Trento, outside the region).
  • What is the motorway section associated with the competition?

    The competition is connected to the testing of the dynamic speed limits in progress between the tollbooths of Egna / Ora / Termeno and S.Michele in both directions of travel.

  • When does the competition start and end?

    The competition starts on 15.11.2019 and ends on 15.05.2020.
  • Which modalities of dynamic speed limits apply for the purposes of the competition?

    There are essentially two modalities. In addition to the "limit" mode, the recommended speed mode is also considered for the purposes of the competition. The reference pictograms are the following:

    For simplicity sake in this regulation with "dynamic speed limits" both modalities are meant indifferently.

  • How are the points assigned?

    The logic for assigning points is summarised in the following table.

    Points are not immediately updated and are usually updated on a weekly basis based on the real activation of dynamic speed limits.

  • Which prizes can I win?

    Each user has a chance to win a prize if his total score at the end of the competition is strictly greater than zero. All the following prizes are awarded by draw at the end of the competition. 

    There are three prize categories, defined according to the number of total transits made during the duration of the competition (including those in which the dynamic speed limits were not activated):

    Category “casual users”: for users who have made fewer than 50 transits
    Category “occasional users”: for users who have made between 50 and 149 transits
    Category “commuters”: for users who have made more than 149 transits


    Each category is divided into three sub-categories, depending on the residence indicated: Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Autonomous Province of Trento, outside the region. A user may therefore fall into only one of the 9 prize categories defined in total.

    There is an absolute first prize which can be accessed by all users. The prize is an electric bike worth € 2,500.

    For each category of prize there are three prizes, as shown in the table below. Each user can only participate in the lottery of the corresponding category defined as the union between the prize category and the region of competence. In the event that there are more prizes for a certain category than users admitted to the lottery, a prize will be awarded for each user and the remaining prizes will be redistributed to the other categories. In any case, a user has the opportunity to win a maximum of one prize.


    There are also a number of smaller prizes, for a total amount of 900 €. The list of minor prizes is as follows:

    Rechargeable power banks
    Thermal bottles
    The prize draw will take place at the end of the competition. The prize winners are drawn in a random digital system by the BrennerLEC project partners, under the supervision of one or more neutral persons. The draw identifies the names of the winners but the prize that each of them will receive is not yet awarded. The latter selection is made by random draw during a final award event. Winners are notified by phone or e-mail and invited to this final event, where they will find out which prize they have won.
  • How can I check the points I've earned so far?

    At any time, the user can view the details of the points accumulated on the BrennerLEC card in the wallet of the APP (see question "How can I participate to the competition?").

  • How is user privacy handled?

    All aspects of privacy protection are explained to the user when downloading the APP and registering for the competition.
  • Can I enter the contest using multiple smartphones?

    No, it's not possible. If the APP is installed on another mobile device, the system recognizes a new "virtual" user. It is also not possible to transfer scores from one device to another when using a new smartphone. By registering for the contest, a match is created between a "virtual" user (uniquely characterized by the mobile device identifier) and a "real" user. Real" users associated with more than one "virtual" user are not allowed.
  • Are there no dangers in using the APP during motorway transit?

    It is recommended never to use the APP and the smartphone in general on the motorway. The APP works automatically. During the first transits on the pilot motorway section the competition is reminded to the user through a voice message.
  • What additional services does the APP offer?

    The launch of the competition is combined with the launch of a new version of the Shelly APP, which has been designed and structured to stimulate the user to use the application on a daily basis. Compared to the current version, when you enter the APP, a menu appears consisting of several sections based on the type of service and information sought. The categories "Utilities", "Report" and "Book" are currently available. By clicking on the Monument icon, the APP is transformed into the so-called tourist mode; the map opens showing the icons of the most important monuments and attractions of the place complete with images and descriptions.