Test areas

The project is experimentally implemented on the A22 motorway stretch between Bolzano North and Rovereto South (called “BLEC-ENV") and aims at acting as prototype for the extension of management techniques to the whole Alpine motorway section. The test section is 91 km long and hosts the following specific experimentations:

Dynamic speed reduction is experimented on the southbound carriageway of the whole section to optimally manage traffic peaks and avoid, as far as possible, queue building and “stop&go” phenomena and other traffic flow disturbances.

Dynamic lane management is experimented on the southbound carriageway between Trento South and Rovereto South (approx. 23 km) with the objective to understand how to optimize its use in combination with the management of the dynamic speed limit.

Dynamic speed reduction is experimented along the motorway stretch between Egna/Ora and San Michele all’Adige (approx. 10 km, called “BLEC-AQ"), on both carriageways, to reduce the atmospheric pollution aiming at preventing situations where European limit values are exceeded.

Intelligent on-road information techniques is experimented in proximity of the urban areas of Bolzano, Trento and Rovereto (called “BLEC-LEZ") in collaboration with the local municipalities in order to better distribute traffic flows to routes being less impacting in terms of environment.